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Steve on Tryfan, 1955
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Mountain picture by Holly © 2002
Mountain picture by Holly
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Cotopaxi Cotopaxi 5,897m (19,347 ft)
Ecuador, January 1998
Judy at the summit crater of Cotopaxi. Among the highest active volcanoes in the world, and lying just 75 km south of the equator, Cotopaxi is a popular introduction to the South-American scale. Generally easy, considering the altitude, but the route can vary as crevasses change. Thorough acclimatization is essential for a safe ascent.
Mont Blanc Mont Blanc 4,808m (15,774 ft)
France (HS) July 1997
View of the summit ridge from Aiguille du Midi. Although popular, a total effort of 2,550m above Nid d'Aigle (2,386m), and a very exposed summit climb of 1,050m from the Aiguille du Goûter refuge (3,817m), mean that the highest mountain in the Alps should never be underestimated.
Whitney Mount Whitney 4,421m (14,505 ft)
California, USA, July 1996
As the highest mountain in the contiguous 48 US States, Mount Whitney is getting crowded, and permits are now required even for day ascents. The route is generally easy, but there is little water available, and the height gain of 2,100 metres over a distance of some 19 km each way makes for a long day.
Gran Paradiso Gran Paradiso 4,061m (13,323 ft)
Italy, June 1995
The Gran Paradiso, our first 4000'er, seen from the West. The highest mountain entirely within Italy is very popular, and its principal hut, the superb Vittorio Emanuele II, should be booked well in advance. The ascent involves 2,100 metres of climbing from the valley at Pont.
Allalinhorn Allalinhorn 4,027m (13,212 ft)
Switzerland (VS) June 1995
North face from the start of the normal route. This can be an easy day trip, but there is still objective danger from crevasses, and the temptation to bag it without proper preparation or acclimatization makes it particularly risky.

Arpettes Tour du Mont Blanc 1999
France, Italy & Switzerland, July 1999
The Tour of Mont Blanc, or TMB, is a 200 km (120 miles) hike around the Mont Blanc massif in the European Alps. The route crosses several high passes and takes the traveller through spectacular mountain scenery in France, Italy and Switzerland.

Our report from our first TMB in 1992 is also on-line.

Lac des Dix Walkers' Haute Route (part)
Switzerland, July 2001
The Walkers' Haute Route is a 170 km (110 miles) mountain hike from Chamonix to Zermatt in the European Alps. The rather arduous route crosses several high passes, and takes the traveller through spectacular, if desolate, mountain scenery in France and Switzerland. Atrocious conditions forced us to abandon this year's attempt.
Here are some rock climbing and Youarsey* trip reports
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"Youarsey" is the scatalogical homonym for the uk.rec.climbing user group on the Internet.

Climbing reports on this server:

Black Rocks 5. May 2022 - pictures of a new crag for us, and here's a version which may work better on a mobile phone screen (upright).

Windgather Rocks 29. October 2018 - pictures of our chilly outing.

Maeshafn 5. July 2017 - pictures of our URC Triathon.

Stanage North End 27. May 2012 - pictures of our URC Quadrathon.

Little Tryfan with Other Steve & William, August 2011

Stanage Popular End 28. July 2011 - pictures of our URC Triothon.

Carnedd Y Filiast 5. September 2010 - pictures of our URC Solothon.

Frogsmouth Bolting Party 18. July 2010 - click for some pictures.

Dow Crag with Robin Beadle, 2008 (text only)

Ice climbing in Cwm Cneifion, February 2005

Tourettes Syndrome : a brief report of our mini-Tour of the Mont Blanc area in July 2003

Nobby Pardoe's Kepier (an 80's tale by Steve Carr)

K2, or the Second Retreat from Kepier (the historical perspective) September 2002

Milestone Buttress Direct Route, September 2002 (pictures)

Slack, a mini-epic, June 2001

Jordan and scrambles in Wadi Rum, March 2001 (new logistics page added)

Skiing in Cervinia February 2001

Kepier dans les Arbres August 1999 with Judy, serious big-wall climbing

Eastby Crag June 1999 with Dave Raper and Kate Robinson

Pinnacle Rib Tryfan, May 1999 with Dave Raper and Richard Chambers

Old pictures from Tryfan taken in 1955 (and some recent ones)

Former "homepages":

There's a plain vanilla listing of our older climbing report pages (some of which duplicate those below) here.

Youarsey outings at :
Llanberis Pass, March 2003, Stanage, April 2002, and
Burbage North, March 2002

Winter climbing in Torridon, North-West Scotland, February 2002

Rock climbing at Froggatt with the Youarsey posse, October 2001

Aonach Mor winter skills, March 2001

Snowdon winter ascent 29/12/2000

Rock climbing in Ogwen with the uk.rec.climbing newsgroup, September 2000

Little Tryfan with Mrs P

Other uk.rec.climbing meetings at Windgather Rocks, 10. May; Stanage and Gardom's Edges, April 2000

Ice climbing in Val Gardena, Italian Dolomites, March 2000

English Lakes, February 2000, with Dave Raper and Steve "Blofeld" Currier : two excellent multi-pitch climbs :
Direct Route on Castle Rock (St John's in the Vale), and Troutdale Pinnacle (Borrowdale)

Roaches Meeting October 1999, another gang of climbers from the Internet

Amphitheatre Buttress August 1999 with Steve "Blofeld" Currier and Caroline Robinson; also Dave Raper, Katherine Robinson and Philip Robinson on a second rope

Youarsey Weekend July 1999 at The Roaches and Crookrise

Roaches Minithon June 1999 meeting of six climbers from the Internet

Stanage Mammothon May 1999, first national meeting of uk.rec.climbing newsgroup

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Steve bouldering in the 91.1 area of Fontainebleau, July 2009

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