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Edition of 18/04/2020

This hommage to the glorious days of Usenet is a partial collection of climbing Trip Reports originally taken from the uk.rec.climbing newsgroup. Some have been submitted by e-mail, another good reason to archive them here. Thanks to everyone who's posted her or his masterpieces, and apologies to those who've been missed out (Google Groups has uk.rec.climbing going back several years, if you want to search for more).

Writers are in alphabetical order of first name. On each page, the reports are presented mainly in reverse date order, more or less as posted, typos and all (hey, it's the charm of Usenet).

Click on the author's name for a collection of their reports, or on an individual link to take you straight there. Enjoy.

Writer Peak Gritstone Other England Scotty Wales Alps Elsewhere
Adrian B         Chamonix, July 2003  
Adrian J       Idwal Ice, January 2010 (link to Adrian's site)    
Adrian J       Snowdon, January 2003    
Alex       Tremadog, October 2003    
Andrew R Peak, April 2003 Peel Crag, May 2003        
Andrew R   Peel / Crag Lough, May 2003        
Andrew R   Peel Crag, April 2003        
Andy H Burbage North, October 2007          
Ant W       Idwal Slabs, April 2007    
Ant W Stanage, June 2003     Carreg Alltrem, August 2005    
Arnaud Ben Nevis (Winter), February 2018 with photos
Arnaud Kinder Downfall (Winter), January 2009 Bowfell Buttress, November 2005   Gogarth August 2005 Ecrins (II), Sept 2003  
Arnaud Chew, Aug 03 Lakeland pleasure, July 2003   Clogwyn d'ur Arddu, June 2003
Ecrins (I), Aug 2003  
Arnaud Egerton, May 2003
Arnaud Froggatt, April 2003     North Wales, February 2001
Bourg d'Oisans, January 2001  
Arnaud Froggatt, March 2003   Ben Nevis, February 1999      
Arnaud Burbage, February 2003   Cairngorms, January 1999
Ben B Stanage, June 2004 Multipitch (etc), August 2004        
Ben B Birchen, May 2004          
Big Ron       Llanberis Pass July 2005    
David R         Bregaglia, Cham and Font 2002  
Duncan Back Tor (Winter), January 2010          
Duncan Kinder Downfall (Winter), January 2009     OMM (Ru**ing) Elan Valley Nov 2009    
Duncan Stanage, February 2004 Cornwall, April 2004 Cairngorms March 2004 Lliwedd, Dec 2007    
Duncan Grit classics, May 2003   Cairngorms February 2004 Gogarth August 2005 Chamonix, September 2003
Various, Easter 2003
Duncan Curbar & Stanage, March 2003 English Lakes, February 2003 Cairngorms August 2003 Mid Wales Gritstone, August 2003 Meije, Dibona, Petit Dru, Blaitiere, September 2002 Sierra Nevada, Andalucia, November 2001
Duncan Ramshaw, June 2002 English Lakes, February 2003 Cairngorms & C.Meagaidh, January 2000     6 Minor crags in France, April 1999
Eddie   Peel Crag, April 2005        
Eddie   Peel Crag, May 2003        
John H       Slate, April 2011    
John H       Idwal, January 2010    
John H       Snowdonia, February 2009    
John H Stanage High Neb, April 2007     Moelwyns, August 2006   Pic d'Aneto, Spanish Pyrenees, May 2006
John H   Trowbarrow, August 2005       Costa Blanca, Spain, February 2006
John H   Frodsham, May 2005 Old Man of Hoy, June 2004 Llanberis Pass, June 2005   Costa Blanca, Spain, March 2005
John I     Cairngorms February 2004      
John M       Ogwen, August 2001    
Lewis       Mid Wales, July 1999    
Marek Marek's illustrated reports are linked from his web page at
Martin C         Ecrins, Feb 2002  
Matt       North & South Wales, July 2003    
Mike B Froggatt, May 2005          
Mike C   Lakes, August 2007        
Noelle   Yorkshire, April 2004        
Rob M +           Elbrus, August 2004
Rob M +           Vinson Massif, Antarctica, January 2004
Rob M +           Kilimanjaro Breach Route, September 2003
Rob M +           Kosciusko, May 2003
Rob M +           Arizona bouldering, February 2003
Rob M +           Aconcagua, January 2003
Rob M +           Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro, January 2002
Rob M +           Carstensz Pyramid, May 2001
Sandy S     Scottish Winter Mountaineering, February 2007      
Sean O Froggatt, November 2004
Simon C   Northumberland, August 2004
Stefan B           German Sandstone, September 2005
Stefan B           Costa Blanca, Spain, April 2005
Stefan B           Costa Blanca, Spain, March 2005
Stefan B           Spain, January 2005
Stefan B Windgather, October 2003
      Alps August 2004 Spain, April 2004
Steve O   Visit to the County, September 2004
Steve O   Northumberland, September 2003
Steve O   Peel Crag, September 2003
Steve P Stanage Popular End, July 2011
Steve P Stanage End, September 2005
Dow Crag, May 2008        
Steve P Castle Naze,May 2005
    Llanberis Pass, March 2003
Steve P       Slack, Moelwyns, June 2001    
Steve P Roaches, October 1999     Tryfan, May 1999
  Kepier dans les Arbres, September 1999
Steve P There's also my Logbook on, and some other reports are linked from web pages at and on another server
Tony B       Llanberis Pass, August 2004   Vango Tent Report, November 2004
Writer Peak Gritstone Other England Scotty Wales Alps Elsewhere
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