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Youarsey Arsathon July 1999
The Roaches and Crookrise

This is why it's called Youarsey*...

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The Sloth featuring Mark Tolver
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Crookrise more photos at Crookrise

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Steve P and Ian G inspecting Steve Gray's bottom

Paul's bottom Steve P's bottom
Ian G's bottom The mystery is solved: it's Toby's bottom
I suppose I should explain... Judy was taking the photos, and she's a bit odd...

I suppose I should also explain that we were using a route graded Diff ("Induction", Crookrise) as a descent path, but it was very slimy, and involved a wrist jam and a blind step down. Hence all the fun and frolics.


"Youarsey" is the scatalogical homonym for the uk.rec.climbing user group.
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