Some Pictures from the URC Solothon to Carnedd Y Filiast
Sunday 5. September 2010

Update 9. September 2010 - link to video clips and more photos

Links to UK Climbing route description pages, and photos of this remarkable outcrop, hanging above the Nant Ffrancon in North Wales.

It was pouring when we arrived, so we ate our picnics in the car while trying to decide whether to sack the whole idea, but it cleared after an hour or so, and we decided to walk up and have a look, carrying just rock shoes and light packs. We managed to solo three routes - Marek has put a short video clip online, and Roger has kindly some further photos [RD] which you can see below. Sorry about the quality of my own camera-phone images, the light was poor!

The gigantic slabs of Carnedd Y Filiast, seen from the ridge as we were walking out towards Mynydd Perfedd. Bethesda is in the far distance

Steve, John M and Marek setting off, appropriately, on Solo Slab (18m D), a nice intro to the crag [RD]

Marek, John & Steve padding upwards (mostly) [RD]

Marek taking some video of Steve topping out on Solo Slab [RD]...
...and here is Marek's page with some Video clips

Marek setting out on Underlap (VD, 260 feet / 78m) on The Red Slab. The rock was excellent, with enough holds to give confidence, but enough of a slope to demand a bit of concentration!

John, Steve and Marek on Underlap [RD]

John, Steve and Marek nearing the top of Underlap [RD]

"Are we nearly there yet?" [RD]

"You are now!" John M finishing his solo ascent of Underlap

Marek, Roger and John M having reached the top of The Red Slab area

Further up the mountain, the Waved Slab (Mod, 500 feet / 150m) is a huge undulating mass of pale rock, formed as a sea-bed, fossilized and tilted up. The friction was excellent, provided you avoided stepping on the wet mossy bits, but it paid to look ahead to avoid getting trapped on a bad surface, and the start and finish are horribly vegetated. After rain, in a gusty breeze, soloing in big boots, and all alone on that vast expanse, it didn't feel at all "moderate" to Steve - the climbing is mostly easy, but a slip would have dire consequences.

Marek and John M soloed Left Edge (** VDiff, 600 feet / 183m) which follows the right-hand skyline above the slab.

250 feet up, 250 feet to go - Steve feeling very run-out, soloing The Waved Slab [RD]

Steve looking for a way through the vegetation near the top of The Waved Slab, while Marek and John cruise Left Edge in the background [RD]

Thanks to Marek, John & Roger for a Grand Day Out - much better than expected!

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