Steve Pardoe welcomes you to...

Stanage, Queen of Grit
uk.rec.climbing meeting, Saturday 8. April 2000

This edition 12. April 2000, with new pictures from Adrian Japp. Many more of his Stanage pictures are on his website at

Please also visit us on Sunday at Gardom's Edge

Steve and Lewis on Flying Buttress
Stanage Edge, at the last meeting in May 1999

Adrian having a good look at Flying Buttress Direct (HVS 5b)
"Cut loose to heelhooks", says the guide book.

What it doesn't say is that FBD is perhaps a bit ambitious for a warm-up on a very cold day

Stuart's turn for a look ...

We happy band of 'Arsies : Adrian "do my nuts look big in this?" Japp, with his digital camera; Stuart Burns, and Russ Beavon, enjoying his first outing on God's Own Rock
Steve, wondering why his pants look, er, pants
(Adrian's photo)

Steve leading Hollybush Crack, a fine V Diff
(Adrian's photo)
Steve leading Central Trinity, a superb VS 4c jamfest
(Adrian's photo)
Steve again, topping out on Central Trinity (Adrian's photos); and bringing up Stuart, with another climber alongside on Meiosis (?)

Central Trinity was my best lead to date (and I took my first proper leader fall in the process)

Tim looking extremely relaxed on Central Trinity, Sharon even more so
[Did I mention that I led Central Trinity?]

This is how it's done, it's easier if you traverse lower down
Yeah, right, it's also easier if you're a good climber ...
..which Sharon certainly is

Why we didn't climb at Stanage on Sunday, but went to Gardom's Edge instead!

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