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22. March 2003, Dinas Cromlech, The (Llanberis) Pass
Revision of 25. March 2003 (more pictures)

A select Youarsey* meeting with Arnaud G and John M, on a perfect spring day. I couldn't have asked for better conditions, or partners (or cake), for a couple of Classic Rock ticks in The Pass.

It was my first outing in Llanberis, and I was left suitably awestruck by Dinas Cromlech and its other-worldly Corner. We had a whale of a time on Spiral Stairs (VDiff ** 84m) and Flying Buttress (VDiff *** 92m).

Arnaud & John approaching the crag, with its awesome Cenotaph Corner

Life's little essentials for a day in The Pass : Arnaud, Mrs P's cake, and John

After a bit of a wait for parties ahead of us, Spiral Stairs was sensational, led by John. I was confused, since I'd read the guidebook description of the second pitch as being scary for an inexperienced second, so after the quite-exposed-enough-thank-you traverse of what I thought was the first pitch, I was rather dreading the next. I hadn't realised that we'd scrambled solo up the first pitch (D'Oh! no wonder I thought it was rather a steep walk-in), and the remainder was a delight of steep pulls on excellent holds.

Another party on Spiral Stairs

Arnaud leading Flying Buttress

Flying Buttress was another spectacular "out there" mountain route, led by Arnaud, with an airy pinnacle stance followed by a downclimb across to the final wall. I found the highly polished entry to the slanting chimney very tricky, though John found my bicycling struggle highly amusing.

And higher, silhouetted against the evening sky

John & Arnaud on the last stance of Flying Buttress

After John & Arnaud had generously wet-nursed me up those routes, I was just happy to sit in the sunshine and watch them cruise Noah's Warning (VS 4c,5a), followed by a swift half in the Vaynol, as you do.

Wonderful stuff. Big thanks to Arnaud and John for a great day out.

John leading the first pitch of Noah's Warning


Arnaud following, before leading the second

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