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Northern Corries (Cairngorm) February 2004

John Irving, Grey Corries, Cairngorm, March 2004

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This is what I made of it -

Sunday was moderately to severely minging on Coire an Sneachda. After Duncan Irving got a bit lost on the first pitch of fingers ridge, and eventually retrieved his warthog, and found a belay, I had cooled off more than a little. I was looking forward to abbing back to the path and turning tail. But a few moves up the steep blocks of the 2nd pitch the adrenalised blood was circulating. Contact lens care required not letting the face full spindrift freeze on the surface of the eyeball, nor ice up the eyelashes. The irnbru froze on opening, with bizzare gas trapping and orange ice explosions on reopening. Duncan belayed on the second finger twisting in the wind. The goat track was merely windy as the spindrift had all landed in the loch avon basin. The feshie bridge crew had extinguished the fire so headed home with no high tea.

<Duncan> Back next weekend for more.

Well it took me a couple of weeks, missing out on the good weather -

The abolition of Sneachdaphobia coninued on Saturday with Fluted Buttress Direct. Smothered in annoying almost neve which made it all quite hard work, and a little gripping. 2 hours on the crux pitch, and one hour for the pregnant woman to follow. Am currently only getting one placement out of Warthogs before abandonment. Some usable tool placements on the third pitch made this more enjoyable. The unmistakable aura of dusk was apparent from the top of the goat track - so much for the planned short day out. Feshie bridge cosy as ever.

Alex and Tim did Kiwi Gully - enlivened with hotaches complicated by vasovagal syncope - 5 seconds of refreshing blackout and Alex was restored to action stations.

We chilled on sunday in the spring sunshine and showers.

Food notes. Purchased presliced and prespread maltloaf, crunchy nut cornflake bars, flapjack, thorntons posh chocolate bars, made marmite sandwhiches and ate nowt. Moussaka for dinner, a little booze and we were ready for Rab 1000s with compatible zips.

Roll on next weekend


Duncan Irving's TR for the same outing is here

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