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Edition of 16/10/2007

Burbage North, October 2007

Burbage North, Andy Holland, October 2007

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Myself, John H and Ant made it to Burbage North today as planned, although quite windy the rock was dry.

Ant was on top form on the journey there, subjecting John and I to several "Ant Rants" on topics such as the present state of the Education system and Landowners who deny access to crags etc!

The first of 6 routes climbed was Cranberry Crack (V Diff) on the Chant Area led by John then followed by me then Ant.

Ant's lead next was up 20 Foot Crack, graded as S 4b but a much harder route, I managed to get some way up, John managed to complete the ascent, retrieving Ants gear - back on terra firma, we were subjected to yet another "Ant Rant" concerning the grading system - Prompting us to rename to Chant area to the "R Ant Area"

I then took the plunge and Led a route, called Steptoe (Mod) a nice route with plenty of gear, pre soloed by John and Ant followed me up.

Next John led a route up Baseless (V Diff) in the same area, followed by me and then Ant.

We then finished the day be heading over to the Ash Tree Area and climbed 2 routes, Ant lead Ash Tree Wall graded as HVD (Another dubious grade!) John seconded this route. Ant actually managed to catch a nut (Pro kind that is) in a crack on the descent route and was, well stuck there until he was freed by myself with the aid of a nut key!

We finished the day with Ash Tree Crack - V Diff - John lead followed by myself and then Ant.

Afterwards it was beers and crisps in the Ladybower Inn, and finally a last "Ant Rant" on those pesky motor bikes!

A good days outing enjoyed by all and only a couple of small groups and boulders on the crag it was fairly quiet.

Andy H.

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