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Llanberis Pass July 2005

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From: "Big Ron"
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Sent: Monday, July 11, 2005 11:36 PM
Subject: Re: Cyrn Las and the Snowdon mountain railway

Well, you'll all be pleased to know we did Main Wall today and, fuck me, what a route!!! I led the even pitches, and the top Slab overlooking the great gully had me shaking like a shite-ing dog. A stunner of a route.

But, the knees are well and truly knackered this evening, despite a hot bath searing the sunburned skin. Ended up walking up and down from the pass.

Incidentally do you know that the field opposite the Vaynol is now a camp site, and the Vaynol now sells GOOD BEER, not Robinsons any more!

Big R

[Addendum in reply to John Broadwell]
I found the sloping ramp on pitch 3 quite thin for hard severe - the bit that leads up to the subsidiary groove chimney, and the step left around the arete on pitch 5 was also sensationally exposed and off-balance, teetering on the very edge, followed by steep wall moves on failing arms. The slab pitch must be the most enjoyable though, you think you're going to cruise it until near the top, where it steepens and shows its teeth before relenting and offering itself up to a determined approach.

WARNING to all severe leaders in Derbyshire - DON'T go to wales and do this route as your first HS lead - it will really Freak you out, and its pretty inescapable after pitch 4. Don't forget there was a double fatality on the route (according to Classic Rock). Its serious all right...


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