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Marek Piekarski's Reports

Edition of 21/6/2011

Link page to Marek's reports...

Marek maintains his own website and illustrated trip reports at If the following links don't work, please try the previous URL directly.

In no particular order, these redirect to:

Iceland, May 2011

Slate for Softies, April 2011

Spain, February 2011

Gritstone :

Windgather Nights, October 2010

The Sloth (Mark T climbing)

Wimberry 9th Jun 2002

Wales winter climbing :

Idwal Ice Jan 2010

Cwm Cneifion Dec 2009

Idwal Mar 2006

Clogwyn-y-Garnedd Mar 2004

Snowdon, March 2004

Snowdon, January 2004

Snowdon, March 2003

Glyders, December 2001

Snowdon, Parsley Fern Gully

Wales rock climbing :

Slate for Softies, April 2011

Pot Hole Quarry, June 2004

Clogwyn yr Oen

France :

Chamonix Aug 2009

Chamonix July 2007

No Room, but What a View! a bivvi somewhere near the Couvercle Refuge, July 2004

Valais, July 2002

Ecrins, July 2001

America :

Half Dome, September 2000

Zion, May 2000

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