Steve & Judy Pardoe welcome you to... Stanage, Queen of Grit

This page features Ant's epic lead of Flying Buttress Direct (HVS 5b), using photographs from several sources, with many thanks.

My own Trip Report, and a few images, are on our Stanage Intro page. General pictures from the meet are on our Stanage Gallery, while you can see the rest of Adrian Japp's digital images on his site

A sample of the culinary delights to be savoured are on our crag food page. Enjoy!

During Saturday afternoon, Ant led Flying Buttress Direct (HVS 5b) to great acclaim from the crowd and dutifully recorded by the Paparazzi.

Ant leading Flying Buttress Direct, (HVS 5b), Stanage Another shot of Ant, from Adrian's camera
The onlooker behind (not one of us) was apparently gripped on Flying Buttress, and stayed on that stance throughout Ant's ascent
Here are some more images...
Ant gearing up On the slab
Reaching the top Looking for the roof holds
Cutting loose... the crucial heel hook
...and getting back Nearly there
Over the crenellations Steady....
"Yessss!" The appreciative crowd
Lewis seconding the route
...and Mark following up
These photos are from Adrian's camera:

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