Steve & Judy Pardoe welcome you to... Stanage, Queen of Grit

This is our Photo Album from Stanage, taken at the uk.rec.climbing ("Youarsey") meeting on 15/16. May 1999. My own Trip Report, and a couple of images, are on our Stanage Intro page, while you can see the rest of Adrian Japp's digital images on his site

Ant's epic lead of Flying Buttress Direct is here, and a sample of the culinary delights to be savoured are on our crag food page. Enjoy!

If titles are missing or incorrect, please let me know by e-mail and I'll fix them as soon as I can.

John (?) on Narrow Buttress (?) Adrian and Stuart
The Popular End (sorry, that's the next one, this is Judy) The Popular End. Flying Buttress forms the right hand skyline
Lewis, with Mark running to grab that next route... Another shot of the Popular End
Gem and friends Stuart leading Green Crack (?)
Vicki, Jemima and Kathryn Judy, Mark, Kathryn and Lewis in the Little John, don't forget to visit the crag food page
My poor hand. Grit, huh? And finally...   that shiny new rack (well, some of it was new)

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