Some Pictures from South Africa with HF Holidays
October - November 2010
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We also travelled with HF Holidays to Kerala in 2013

Edition of 16. January 2011 (new pictures from Sandy H & Judy W)

These are a few of the photos taken by Steve & Judy, and others [David Amphlett = DA, Sandy Hume = SH, Judy Wilson = JW], during our trip, edited and re-sized for the Web. Thanks again to all those sharing the experience with us, especially Clive and Trevor for their excellent leadership.

Group photo taken at Kenton-on-Sea using Dave Amphlett's camera, and kindly sent by e-mail on return to the UK
Back row - Gordon, Dave, Steve, John, Sandy, Toni, Doreen, Barbara, Andrew
Middle row - Margaret, Samantha, Andrea, Iris, Judy (W), Judy (P), Sue
Front row - Angela, Stella, Linda [DA]

Here are Dave's YouTube movie clips of ostrich riding, which he has uploaded:
Judy riding ostrich ; Clive riding ostrich

King Protea, the National Flower, and a shiny green beetle, at Kirstenbosch Gardens

Strelitzia at Kirstenbosch Gardens - this variety, featuring the colours of the new South African flag, was named after Nelson Mandela, whose bust appears behind the flower

A group of Cycads at Kirstenbosch Gardens

Our six Canadian ladies at Kirstenbosch Gardens on arrival day - Judy W, Barbara, Doreen, Linda, Toni & Sandy [SH]

The Company's Garden and Museum in Cape Town, with Table Mountain as the backdrop

Ancient cave paintings in the Museum in Cape Town

Sundial in the Company's Garden, Cape Town, with its anti-clockwise southern hemisphere markings. There was another at the Castle

17th Century irrigation channel in the Company's Garden, Cape Town

The Castle (more of a fortress, really) in Cape Town, with Table Mountain

Our party entering the Castle for lunch

Leaving Cape Town Harbour on the high-speed ferry to Robben Island

Looking back towards Cape Town and Table Mountain from Robben Island - we were able to take the ferry, but the incarcerated prisoners could only dream of the mainland

A former inmate of the prison on Robben Island, now a tour guide, with a placard illustrating the differing daily rations for Coloured / Asian prisoners, and the even less fortunate Bantu (Black) ones

Nelson Mandela's former cell on Robben Island with slop-bucket, table with plate and bowl, and rough blanket bed

Platteklip Gorge, our route up Table Mountain, led by local Mountain Guide Riaan

Riaan and others on the trail up Table Mountain by Plattenklip Gorge [JW]

Platteklip Gorge - do we really have to go up there?

Platteklip Gorge - on the trail

Platteklip Gorge - flowers by the path

Platteklip Gorge - Riaan at the foot of an inviting slab and roof (which we are NOT climbing today)

Platteklip Gorge - nearing the final notch

Angela, Clive and Trevor looking anxiously over the cliff for the ascending party [SH]

Platteklip Gorge - Judy P greets the hikers in Riann's party as they join her at the top of the climb

Margaret, Barbara and Sandy at the visitor centre on Table Mountain [SH]

Hikers' reward - lunch at Green's in Cape Town

Cape Point, the tip of False Bay

Barbara and Sandy on the way to Boulders Beach, looking across False Bay towards Cape Point [SH]

A baboon and her baby at Cape Point [SH]

Rock Hyrax (or 'Dassie') at Cape Point

Scenery at Cape Point

Lighthouse at Cape Point

Stunning scenery on the walk between Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope

The Canadians at Cape of Good Hope after our coastal cliff walk [SH]

Boulders Beach, where there's a Penguin colony

Boulders Beach and the African 'Jackass' Penguins

Boulders Beach Penguin, moulting

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Images of flags taken from Wikipedia

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