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 30. October 2003

"Alice band it like Beckham"
The Anglican Church faces a fundamental cleft
"Gruyère, oooh yeah!"
Did Vin Diesel get his name from a Les Routiers wine list?
Young poplars rattle
Like long-awaited raindrops.
Autumn is coming.

Alastair Campbell, infamous for 45 minutes.
Winter's icy grip
Constrains the reeds. The water
Flows beneath, darkly

Life is a four-letter world
Should I become nasty,
Please recall, for me,
A time when I was not.

I may be unable to.

It's so unfair ;
A brain, once sentient, is now
Unfit for cattle food.

"I am not in denial. That is so not so".
Blang!  My sparking pick
Finds only quartzite. Beinn Eighe's
Not in Winter nick

[Scottish "winter" climbing, February 2002. Read the article here]

Text messaging is why humans evolved opposable thumbs
Sunlight slants through trees.
Their branches, bereft of leaves,
Cast thin, sharp shadows

Still running Life_0,9?   Upgrade now to Life_1,0!
The breath of figs
Informs the Cretan night :
Dark and subtle,
Like the coffee,

Peter Mandelson, the Minister Without Portillo
What a happiness,
Coming to visit Japan
From so far away

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Now mainly of historical interest, the original essay "K2, or the Second Retreat from Kepier" by the late Col "South" Lefroy-Pardoe, BF and Bore (Retarded) has been recovered from the faded family archives, and is now available on the interweb thingy, along with a more recent trip report from Kepier by his great-nephew.

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