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Last update: 15. May 2020 - Please note that following our retirement this web page will no longer be maintained. We hope that the links have been and (where relevant) will continue to be found useful, but please don't ask for new links to be added.

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Weather, medicine and safety issues
(For climbing-related weather, medical and acclimatization links, please see our
climbing links page)

BBC Weather Centre
Weather for Northwich from Weather Underground time zones and world clocks
Rain or Shine forecasts for 800 cities
CNN Weather forecasts and current conditions in thousands of cities

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Financial, combatting fraud, etc (new, from Audrina Howells at SafeInternet.Org, April 2015) Older Adult Fraud
law.cornell. computer_and_internet_fraud consumer-rights problem/scams

The Cellnet / O2 Card Fraud Story and Our Financial Links Page

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Travel, sport, etc

Fit for Travel NHS advice website
Multimap UK mapping and route planner
Green Flag UK and European route planner
Street maps from postcodes
Campanile Hotels, France
Reading Cycling Club Ann-Marie's site about Mark's (other) passion
Deutsche Bahn rail timetables (works across frontiers)
Swiss Railways
Network Rail
The Train Line booking and reservation system beware spam!
Erik Sandblom's Rail News
Lonely Planet on-line
Rough Guides
National Trust
Daelnet - '...the internet gateway for the dales
Northwich, Cheshire, UK website
DAN Northwich Homepages

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Media etc, images, and web sites re magazines

BBC Website Map with links to their interactive site
ITN Online
Channel 4 News the best of the bunch
CNN News
Press Association
The Engineer magazine
The Guardian newspaper
The Independent newspaper
Financial Times newspaper
The Times newspaper
Daily Telegraph newspaper
National Geographic magazine
Montessori internet magazine
Revolution magazine: The Directory
The Register, irreverent commentary

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Books, Music, Movies, Literature

Shakespeare "Free Shakespeare Resources" New
Online Schools "Comprehensive Guide to Everything Shakespeare" broken?
Shakespeare complete works online
thefilmworks [sic]
The Internet Movie Database
Official Red Dwarf Fan Club (UK)
US Red Dwarf site nice URL
Kryten Newly revised Home Page for Robert Llewellyn
The Arena Of The Unwell (Withnail & I)
Official Rocky Horror Picture Show Web Site
Aardman Animations Wallace & Grommit etc
BBC Perfect Day
Ultimate Band List (pop group info)
Placebo band site
Dan's Donna Lewis Page

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Web and PC Stuff does exactly... ...
Check DNS nameserver lookup also checks e-mail etc
DNS stuff another DNS site (which still works!)
Simply Domain Names etc
Annoyances.Org stuff about all those bugs in Win95/98
Web Monkey web design reference pages
HTML Special Characters at Web Monkey
Cookie Central all you ever wanted to know about Cookies
Notcon Organisation countering Internet fraud
Unix Programming resources
Interfacing The Serial - RS-232 Port for PC anoraks only
Infospace backward-linking search engine
Killer Websites the design book on the web
Web pages that suck -- web design, HTML, how not to do it
Fix Tech Problems (new, April 2017)
The Sharp End The graphic resource for climbers
Copyright Website

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Government, reference, etc

UK Online Government's new launcher site
Office of Public Sector Information
Vale Royal BC
Cheshire Library Catalogue
Inland revenue
Royal Mail shame about the pop-ups
Vehicle Certification Agency CO2 emissions data
HMSO Statutory Instruments from 1987 on
DEFRA Foot & Mouth website (was MAFF)
MSF Rugby NPL transmission data
BT Directory Enquiries
UK Government Euro site All you need to know about the   euro
European Union representation in the UK, with lots of links around the official sites
Number 10 Tony Blair's "Home" page, with feedback zones
Bank of England   euro (currency) links page (changed)
H M Treasury Budget, etc, nice site
CCTA Government Information Service On-ramp
UK DTI Department of Trade & Industry
Companies House
UK Patent Office
Customs & Excise Allowances, Intrastat, etc
Office for National Statistics all you ever wanted to know about...
National Grid for Learning and Virtual Teacher Centre
Royal Family Site Brenda's home page
European Union English language pages
US FDA Page Food and Drugs Administration on-ramp
US Navy FNMOC HomePage inc oceanography, etc
Project Gutenberg index to electronically published classics
Human Genome Project US Dept of Energy reference site (links, etc)
ASL Year 2000 Page with useful millennium links
Millennium Greenwich Observatory discussion about the calendar, and the Years 2000 and 2001
German postcodes, with links to loads of other countries' post code pages
US Postal Service Zip Codes etc
NASA online Thesaurus (letter A)
Bloomberg Michael making money

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Anger Management
Edge Science writing
Richard Dawkins Lecture from Edge... brilliant!
Far Side Gary Larson etc
Rick Pardoe's site
Phil & Cal's Website Simon Pardoe's site Ali B

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