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BBC News
BBC Business (updated URL)
CNN News
ITN OnDemandNews
Press Association
Financial Times newspaper

BBC Market Data (updated URL) "Alle News zu Aktien, Börse und Wirtschaft"
Boursorama France CAC40 listing etc
Bank of England

Companies House Info 2018
GOV.UK HM Government's launcher site
HM Revenue & Customs (new URL 2012)
H M Treasury Budget, etc, nice site
Land Registry

Co-operative Bank
Laura Ashley
Marks & Spencer Bank
National Savings
Nationwide BS

Sainsbury's Bank
Sentinel card protection
Skipton BS
Skipton Financial Services

The Register, irreverent commentary
Slashdot techy stuff
Project Gutenburg literature
Wikipedia Look it up, or add your own wisdom
Wikipedia Commons shared files

Institute for Fiscal Studies Budgets, statistics, tax rate archives; clean and fast site
Office for National Statistics all you ever wanted to know about...
European Union English language pages

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