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Around the Village: Pepper Street

Pepper St

Pepper Street, Hill Top Road

There seems to have been a "Pepper Street" found in conjunction with almost every Roman Road in Britain. Pepper Street is a corruption of Pebble Street, so called because it was paved with smaller stones than those used for the principal highways. It must be said that, as far as we know, there was never a 'street', just the one house.

Pepper Street was built in the early 17th Century and was originally a Yeoman Farmer's house. By 1918 it had been converted into three half-timbered and thatched cottages. Sold by the Milner Estate in 1918, it was described as having good gardens and orchards, each having a living room, two pantries and a privy. It was let to Mr John Lightfoot, Mr L. Summer and Sarah Lightfoot. Rentals on the three dwellings amounted to sixteen pounds five shillings.

In 1951 the houses were modernised and converted in two dwellings. In the ceiling, old beams of oak and pine were found and wattle-and-daub was discovered behind the plaster. Thatch is always vulnerable to fire, and when the inevitable happened, the owner was too nervous to have the house re-thatched. In 1988 the house was once again a single dwelling owned by Marjorie and Jeremy Sandys-Wynch, and was re-thatched.

Adapted from "Snapshots in Time", a book about the Village published by the Acton Bridge WI to mark the Millennium in 2000

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