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"Snapshots in Time"

This book was produced to mark the Millennium and to try to capture the memories and changing way of life of an English Village during the twentieth century. The research co-ordinator and project manager was Veronica Oliver ; it was written by Judith Pardoe ; and historical research was by Rosemary Mullett. Help and support were provided by many other members and their families.

AB WI book

Consisting of 48 A4 pages plus cover, the book is illustrated with colour and black-and-white photographs and drawings, and brings up to date the WI "Scrapbook" which was written in 1951 to celebrate the Festival of Britain. It describes the history of the village and its river crossing, farming, local industries and village organisations. A few of Acton Bridge's notable buildings, its two pubs and the railway have their stories, and the book ends with the Hazel Pear Wood being planted to mark the new Millennium.

AB WI book

Assistance with the publishing costs was received from Millennium Festival Awards for All, and many residents and friends of the village provided generous sponsorship and subscriptions.

"Snapshots in Time" is published by Cheshire Country Publishing, ISBN 0 949001 15 5, price 10.00. Copies can be ordered from Cheshire Magazines or from WHSmiths by quoting the ISB Number. There are also a few copies in Northwich Library.

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