Welcome to ActonBridge.Org Acton Bridge Celebrates HM The Queen's Diamond Jubilee, 2. June 2012

Edition of 8. June 2012 :

On Saturday 2. June 2012 the village celebrated the Jubilee with two events, an afternoon fun and games meeting, followed by a hog roast, picnic and dance.

You can click to see the Jubilee Programme

Here are some photos kindly sent in by Rosemary Mullett [RM], Sue Williams [SW], Charles Fifield [CF] and from the editor [SP].

Veronica Oliver and Bob Heaton waiting to start the Parade [RM]

The Acton Marquees float [RM]

Louise and Darcy with a decorated pony [RM]

A Guardsman and pram [RM]

John McEnroe (or is it Tim Fowler?) [RM]

Irene, Kath and Bob, with decorated barrow and buggy [RM]

Lynn's Porsche leads the Parade with Mrs Ros Fifeld riding pillion... [SW]

...and here she is, with Charles! [CF]

The Tae Kwon-Do team in the Parade [SW]

Barrow and Buggy pushers [SP]

Barnton Silver Band on Wendy Clarkson's float [SW]

ABCA's Butterfly and Caterpillar Float [SP]

The Royal Family! [SP]

Helen, Veronica & Pony [SP]

Lynn F [SP]

Robert the Cowboy [SP]

Members of AB Tennis Club and their Float [SP]

Barnton Silver Band playing at the field [SP]

Councillor Charles Fifield opening the ceremony [RM]

Mrs Ros Fifield and the decorated stage (AKA curtain-sider) [RM]

...and Ros with Charles in close-up [CF]

Face-Painting! [CF]

Darcy, for the best decorated horse [SP]

Skye Higgins, 4 years old from Acton Bridge Preschool, has a posy... [SP]

...for Veronica Oliver [SP]

The view from the Stage... [CF]

...and again [CF]

Tae Kwon-Do demonstration [SP]

Yvonne, Pat and Caroline on the WI tea and cake stall, wearing aprons specially made by Rosemary M [RM]

Carmel in her WI apron [SW]

Teas and cakes in the marquee... [SP]

...were very popular... [SP]

...and you can see why! [SP]

The "Royal" ice-cream stall (AKA David and Pam Hall) [SP]

One of the two Bouncy Castles... [SP]

...with Tony & Bob enjoying the fun. The "Guess the Weight of the Calf" trailer is in the background [SW]

The Dog Show [SP]

Mrs White presents a prize in the Dog Show... [SP]

...and here are the winners! [SP]

Five-a-Side... [SP]

..."Total Football" [SP]

Robert Pace and his winning 5-a-Side team take the stage [SP]

Cllr Charles Fifield, Mrs Ros Fifield, and Cllr Bob Holt [SP]

Tug-of-War playtime... [SP]

...and taking it rather more seriously [SP]

Egg & Spoon Races... ...Judy P gets the "7 & Under" entries under Starter's Orders... [SP]

...and they're off! [SP]

Finishing Line for the "12 & Unders" [SP]

The Mums' race... [SP]

"Whoops - there goes my egg!" [SW]

...and a Winner! [SP]

Here Come the Girls (the Grandmas, actually)... [SP]

...and racing they most definitely are [SP]

Welly Throwing - where did that one go? [SP]

Peter Y really giving it some welly [SP]

..."and finally"...

Valerie getting a bit confused while setting up her decorations - "I_AM_ON_D???" [SP]

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who took part. Now see what we're planning for our Fun Day in June 2013

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