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Around the Village: The Hazel Pear Inn

Hazel Pear Inn

The Hazel Pear Inn, with its new signage in Summer 2010...

Hazel Pear Inn

...and in June 2013, after an extensive refurbishment

History of the Hazel Pear Inn, Acton Bridge

The Railway Hotel is thought to have been a farm before being converted to the Railway Hotel in 1837, after the opening of the railway station. In the 1881 Census, Anne Moulton was the Publican. She was widowed, and had two daughters, Jane aged 12 and Laura 14 years, and a niece of 17 whose occupation was described as a dressmaker. Mary Haddock aged 18 and Sarah Cotterill of 16 were general servants who lived at the Hotel. Joshua Aspell, aged 24, was described as general servant and groom. Since then there have been a some twelve different Landlords.

In the 1920s and '30s people arrived by train from Bolton in Lancashire for holidays, and stayed at the Hotel. Mr and Mrs Garner, the licensees during the Second World War, had a daughter, Betty, who remembers that during the war, when she was still a young girl, American soldiers based at Delamere were frequent visitors. One morning she awoke to find the field opposite the Pub packed with American soldiers waiting to embark a train to join the second front. General Patton, complete with medals and tin hat asked Betty's mother for a double whisky: this was downed rapidly, followed by a request for another. As whisky was rationed, Mrs Garner refused; not even a four star General could make her change her mind!

Betty and her husband Jack Everett took over the Licence from her mother and father in 1950, and carried out substantial alterations in 1954. The old 'hatch bars' were removed and the present bar and central heating were installed, although the two open fires were retained.

In July 1972, the Railway Hotel was renamed the Hazel Pear Inn, to reflect the large number of Hazel Pear trees in the village, including an orchard of 56 behind the pub. Greenall Whitley of Warrington, who owned a brewery and a large number of public houses, including the Hazel Pear and The Maypole, sold their interests in brewing. Recently they sold the pubs to a Japanese bank.

Adapted from "Snapshots in Time", a book about the Village published by the Acton Bridge WI to mark the Millennium in 2000

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