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Acton Bridge Parish Council meets in the Parish Rooms, generally at 19:30 on the first Monday of the month. There is an active Community Association, and a number of other organisations exist within the village. An unofficial website is at

A History of the Village, adapted (with permission) from "Snapshots in Time", a book about the Village published by the Acton Bridge WI to mark the Millennium in 2000. Read more here.[...]

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The Mystic Deckchairs were an Indie Rock band that formed in Cheshire in early 1988. The founding members were Dick Hooton (vocals & guitar), Jem Shaw (bass) and Simon Pardoe (guitar) - all attending Sir John Deane's College in Northwich at the time. Steve Hewitt (drums) joined later that year after leaving his brother's local band Misadventure.

Two of their tracks, For The Day and Keep Your Head On, appeared on the 1989 compilation LP 'Drunk' released by Emergency Records - the latter of which was played by John Peel on his BBC Radio 1 show.

After Dick Hooton & Steve Hewitt left they went through various line-ups, by then based in Manchester, as just The Deckchairs. For several years Paul "Jez" Fitzgerald (vocals, guitar & mandolin) and Julian Helme (drums) completed the foursome - and after various other incarnations and name changes including Flux, Bastard Amber & Pike they dis-banded in 1996.

Steve Hewitt later went on to play with such bands as Boo Radleys, Breed & Placebo.

A video of the band (as Flux, in 1996) playing their song 'Polaroid' in a Manchester park can be seen on YouTube.

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Wensleydale lies in the Yorkshire Dales National Park - one of only a few valleys in the Dales not currently named after its principal river (Wensley is a small village), but the older name, "Yoredale", can still be seen on some maps and as the Yoredale Series of geological strata.

*Others include Littondale (Litton village, River Skirfare), and, within the YDNP, Garsdale (Clough River) and Dentdale (Dent village, River Dee). This para removed by another editor.

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