Steve & Judy Pardoe welcome you to their
Winter Sports holiday in Selva, Val Gardena

We visited Selva, a delightful resort at the end of Val Gardena (Wolkenstein, in Groden, in German*) in the Italian Dolomites in early March 2000. Our daughter Kate was there to ski, and we would do some mountain walking and sightseeing, and perhaps, just perhaps, try a ski or snowboard lesson... ...and it went on from there. At 107 years old between us, what are we like?

This is our Photo Album from our holiday. Come and enjoy the Dolomites with us!

Judy on the path to the Gamsblut refuge above St Cristina. The mountain behind her is the Langkofel

Our itinerary :

Monday : orientation in Selva village and ski lesson (Steve's first real experience on skis)
Tuesday : mountain walk from St Cristina to Gamsblut refuge/restaurant for lunch
Wednesday : ski practice (Judy) and ice-climbing lesson on frozen waterfall (Steve)
Thursday : ski practice
Friday : snowboard lesson & practice (Steve)
Saturday : more ski practice, slaloms, jumps, and eventually a couple of tries at a steep Blue run, ending in the Women's Downhill course. Big fun and big falls!

* Although Val Gardena is now part of Italy, it used to belong to Austria, and is still known as the South Tyrol. The native language of the valley is Ladin, an ancient tongue still spoken by 90% of the population. However, they also speak German and Italian, and place names can be spelt in three different ways. It's quite confusing for the visitor.

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