Welcome to Kerala Some photos from Southern India, January 2013
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Edition of 17. March 2013

We travelled as guests of HF Holidays, represented in India by Muddy Boots

Srirangapatna and Mysore

Kerala - God's Own Country - the sign on our minibus door in Calicut

The Monkey God and street scene leaving Bengaluru

Some of our party at the Young Island Resort outside Srirangapatna
L-R, John B, Judy B, Judy P, Judith, John D, Sue, David (behind Sue), Steve

Plants at Young Island Resort

Lunch in Young Island Resort
L-R, David, Jen, Judy P, Sue, John D, Rosie, John B

Lunch in Young Island Resort
Jude is standing behind Judith and Rosie

Traditional funeral steps in Srirangapatna - washing and worship

Trying (and failing) to move a huge wooden carving in Srirangapatna...

...despite the best efforts of Dave and Steve (in the blue shirts)

Tipu Sultan's fortress at Srirangapatna, with a train crossing the river in the background. The 18th century remains featured in the eventual defeat of the despot by the British in 1799. Vinay Parmeswarappa, our local guide from Royal Mysore Walks, had lots of fascinating detail to add, including the gruesome sufferings of Tipu's British prisoners in the dungeon.

[Photo courtesy of David R]
Our group at a temple in Srirangapatna - the priest is in the centre

Fresh coconut milk to drink in Srirangapatna. Vinay is in the pale blue polo and shades, Jude's sporting a Muddy Boots eye-shade

Vinay showing us a very sustainable serving plate (sewn from leaves, and selling for about 1 Rupee)

Metropole Hotel, Mysore, formerly the Maharajah's lavish accommodation for visiting Brits. How appropriate!

Our room at the Metropole Hotel, Mysore. Lavish enough for you, Memsahib?

Judith and Rosie arrive at the Metropole Hotel, Mysore.

Sue and John D arrive at the Metropole, garlanded as per

[Photo courtesy of David R]
Dinner in the courtyard at the Metropole, Mysore, under the stars. A great first day properly in India

We were up very early for a walking tour of the historic centre of the city, once one of the richest on earth. Vinay was very informative, and as well as seeing significant buildings he led us through back-streets and into the ancient market.

The sights, smells and colours were amazing, as were those of the goods for sale!


Spices, of course, huge piles of flowers, wonderfully coloured dyes for religious ceremonies, and every possible fruit...

...especially bananas

"Yes, we have some bananas" - we sampled tiny fragrant ones, and it was all quite an experience

Mysore Market - brilliantly-coloured poster paint used in religious festivals

The Freemasons' Hall and old Singer shop, Mysore

Market Square, Mysore

A long-established sweet shop near the square, selling local delicacies...

...and Vinay kindly buys some Mysore Pak for us to taste (with hand-wash as a precaution)

The Maharajah of Mysore's Palace, the fourth on its site, which cost some unimaginable amount to build. It would be billions in today's money (if you could ever imagine such personal extravagance nowadays). We had another specialist guide here, and learned that much of the ironwork, beautiful glazing and expertise came all the way from Glasgow

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