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Around the Village: The Daffodils at Acton Bridge Station

Daffodils in the Spring

Acton Bridge Station, March 2002

These daffodils were planted by volunteer members of Acton Bridge Women's Institute after they cleared the neglected station flower beds of weeds and debris. The bulbs were kindly provided by Vale Royal Borough Council, weed-inhibiting tree bark was donated and delivered by a local farmer, and financial support and safety equipment were received from Central Trains. The WI and volunteers from the village have continued to keep the station and its car park tidy, as part of our "Best Kept Village" effort.

But now, in June 2003, Network Rail have destroyed trees on the station and adjacent to it, as part of a national policy of reducing the risk of leaves falling on the line. While everyone accepts that Network Rail have a responsibility to operate a safe and reliable railway, the manner in which the work has been undertaken beggars belief, and is also at variance with their stated policy.

Click here for the grisly details.

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