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The 2006 Pear Festival

We held a Pear Festival on Saturday 9. September 2006, to celebrate the historic Hazel Pear orchards of Acton Bridge. Over 100 visitors came to see the event and there were games for the children, and adults, too! There was a tasting of pear-based beverages (including quite a potent perry) and cakes, tarts and recipes.

Tony Gentil, an acknowledged expert on fruit growing, and pears in particular, was on hand to discuss the many different varieties on show and their uses, whether as dessert pears or for bottling, jam making or even in savoury dishes.
We have been saddened to learn that Tony died in 2012.

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Above: Visitors admire the exhibits of fruit, equipment, maps and other historical documents about the fruit-growing heritage of Acton Bridge and Weaverham

Below, some of the press coverage of the event


Expert Tony Gentil discusses some of the varieties of fruit on display with Acton Bridge resident Eunice Dendy [Northwich Guardian]


A 'human fruit machine' results in a jackpot for Peter Young! [Northwich Chronicle


Local residents Vickie & Charles Fifield, Lynn Fowler, Steve Pardoe, and Bob Heaton survey the pear harvest in one of the orchards open to the public during the festival. [Northwich Chronicle]

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