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Editor's note : as part of its Freedom of Information initiative, copies of the Parish Council's minutes will be placed on this web site after council approval at the following meeting, but are for information only. The printed edition is the only authoritative version.


Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 3rd April 2017 at 7-30pm in the Parish Rooms.

  Present R Holt Chairman
S Pardoe Vice Chairman
C Ballantyne - Roberts
R Forbes
J Oliver

  Apologies H Bayley
C Fifield
D Hall
Clr H Tonge CW&C
Clr P Williams CW&C

There was no member of the public present.

The Chairman welcomed Mrs Ballantyne-Roberts to the Parish Council.

1 Public Matters

Approval of Minutes
Minutes of the March 2017 meeting
With small editorial corrections, the minutes were agreed and signed.

3 Matters arising
March 2017
a) Parish Council Vacancy
Further to the election of Mrs Clare Ballantyne-Roberts, the Clerk had completed the necessary administrative paperwork with her including the acceptance of office. A thank you letter has been sent to the other applicant. Action Clerk - Completed
b) Regulations, etc.
As agreed, the Clerk has circulated copies of the Financial Regulations, Standing Orders, Code of Conduct, Register of Assets and Risk Management for review by the Parish Council later in the meeting. Action Clerk - Completed

February 2017
a) Swing bridge A49
Work is still scheduled to be completed in July. Some night-time closures of the bridge are planned to allow resurfacing and change of lanes.
b) - Change of use for barn on Station Road
It is now confirmed that the application has been refused.
c) Home Watch
The possibility of starting up 'Home Watch' again was raised. It was agreed that the Chairman would prepare a notice for inclusion on the Village Facebook page. Information has been passed to Clr Pardoe and is on the web site. Action Clr Holt - Completed
To date only one person has expressed an interest in joining in operation of the scheme.

November 2016 Meeting
a) Petal Walks
Clr Pardoe reported that there has been progress and he showed a proposed layout of a leaflet for the walk that includes Acton Bridge. A formal launch of the scheme is planned for Saturday 17th June.
c) Cemetery
There was no new information on the vandalism at the Cemetery. The Committee has considered installing CCTV and this is to be discussed at the next meeting.

October 2016 meeting
a) Meeting with Town Farm Quarry Operators.
The meeting of the Group held on 27th March is reported at Item 8.
b) Speeding issues
The Police have now started speed monitoring, both with hand-held gun and the speed van.
Clr Holt said that further information has been submitted to support the grant application from the PCC Safer Communities Fund. The PCC is to consider applications at a meeting scheduled for 8th March.

It was agreed that as enforcement is now in action a further meeting with Mr Barron should be held. It was also agreed that a short time should be waited for Mr Barron to get back on the issues previously raised with him before the request was sent. Action Clr Holt

The Chairman has sent further information to the PCC in support of the application for a grant from the Safer Communities Fund to assist the purchase of an interactive sign.

It was noted that the 30mph sign that had been knocked down in Milton Rough has been restored but that the sign on Station Road for the Station has not been attended to. The Clerk will chase CW&C again. Action Clerk
c) Mirror installed at Station Hill / Milton Rough
It is now known that Mr Mark Jones has retired from CW&C. Further to the copies of correspondence on the subject that had been sent to the Parish Council, after discussion, it was agreed that letters should be sent to the residents to state that the issue is outside the Parish Council jurisdiction. Action Clr Holt

4 Planning Applications
a) Milton Heys - application for enlargement of stables, extension of menage and associated lighting.
The Parish Council discussed the layout, numbers of stables and the proposals for enlarging the menage. It was considered that the provisions being requested were outside those allowed for in the CW&C Local Plan and related Vale Royal Local Plan. A letter to be sent to Planning Department requesting refusal.

5 Planning Decisions
a) Application for change of use - part of one of the barns on Station Road.
The application has been refused by CW&C.

6 Financial Matters
a) Approval of cheques;
Two cheques were approved, both for annual subscriptions;
Mid-Cheshire Footpath Society - £8-00.
Cheshire Association of Local Councils - £181.30.
b) The Chairman mentioned that the Clerk, as an employee of the Parish Council, has to be considered for pension under the Workplace Pension Scheme. The Clerk has established that she does not have to join the scheme as she is over State retirement age and that the annual salary is below the minimum qualifying level. The Clerk has also stated she does not wish to join the scheme. HMRC are to be informed. Action Clerk

7 CWAC Ward Councillors
No items have been notified.

8 Reports from other meetings
Town Farm Quarry
Clr Oliver reported on the meeting with Mr Charnley. A revised restoration plan and scheme has been submitted. There is also a request for further sand extraction and more importation of infill material. The intention is to be clear of the site by 2019.

There would be significant increase in the volume of traffic along the B5153. It had been mentioned that there would be something like 250,000 tons of material imported.
Post meeting note
After being informed of the application details and seeing a copy of a letter from Norley Parish Council, the Parish Council has sent in a letter to CW&C objecting to the application and degree of claimed restoration.

The Chairman said that he had been contacted by a resident of Milton Rough concerning the parking-up of the tipper trucks on the land that had been built up and landscaped. Three wagons at a time park there and have ruined the land. Mr Barron has been contacted by the resident. It is believed that the wagons are using the land as staging point while waiting to be called into the Quarry.

It was agreed that a letter would be sent to the operators asking them to exercise consideration to all residents / road users and also not to use the land on Milton Rough as a parking point. Action Chairman

9 Correspondence

10 Village Matters
a) Regulations, etc.
The Financial Regulations, Standing Orders, Code of Conduct, Register of Assets and Risk Management had been circulated by the Clerk. The documents were reviewed, there were no changes and all were adopted and re-dated.
b) Bench on Acton Lane
The bench had been installed by Weaver Valley Cycling Club in memory of a former member and resident of Acton Bridge, Mr Alan Littlemore. The condition of the bench is deteriorating and it was agreed to contact the Cycling Club and ask for some maintenance work to be carried out. Action Clerk
c) Former Garden Centre and associated Land
Clr Forbes reported that the owner had been active on the site. Some clearance / tidying up work has been done and the associated field has been rented for horse grazing.

11 A.O.B.
A survey document had been sent to Clr Pardoe from a person seeking detail about what motivates people to volunteer to be a Parish Councillor. It was agreed that the survey be circulated to members who can complete as they wish.

Date of next meeting
The next meeting will be on Tuesday 16th May 2017, starting at 7-00pm with the AGM at 7-30pm.

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