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Editor's note : as part of its Freedom of Information initiative, copies of the Parish Council's minutes will be placed on this web site after council approval at the following meeting, but are for information only. The printed edition is the only authoritative version.


Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 6th March 2017 at 7-30pm in the Parish Rooms

  Present S Pardoe Vice Chairman
H Bayley
C Fifield
R Forbes
R Holt

  Apologies D Hall
J Oliver
Clr H Tonge CW&C
Clr P Williams CW&C

There was one member of the public present.

Due to the recent illness of the Chairman, the Vice Chairman Clr S Pardoe took the meeting.

1 Public Matters

Approval of Minutes
Minutes of the February 2017 meeting
With two editorial corrections, the minutes were agreed and signed.

3 Matters arising
February 2017
a) Swing bridge A49
The Parish Council discussed the issues and effect of the work to the swing bridge over the River Weaver now that the part-closure has started. It was agreed that delays were on average about 10 minutes. There has been some increase in traffic through the Village and some HGV have been seen.
b) - Change of use for barn on Station Road.
In the consideration of the proposed development, the effect on the use of the Hazel Pear Wood is a factor in the application and it was suggested that the Woodland Trust be contacted to ask for their views and support. It was also suggested that the CPRE should be consulted. Clr Holt confirmed that he had contacted Woodland Trust but, in spite of there being a CPRE 'hot line' for planning matters, he had not been able to contact CPRE. Action Clr Holt Completed
c) Home Watch
Letter Cheshire Police re Neighbourhood Watch (via Clr Pardoe)
The possibility of starting up 'Home Watch' again was raised. It was agreed that the Chairman would prepare a notice for inclusion on the Village Facebook page. Action Clr Holt - ongoing

November 2016 Meeting
a) Petal Walks
Clr Pardoe reported that the arrangement and layout of the notice board to be positioned at the Parish Rooms is being progressed. He also said that Mr Gidley had mentioned the possibility of seats being installed at particular locations along the petal walk route.
b) Further to the issue raised by Mr T Brocklebank on the subject of broadband speed, there was no new information and Clr Fifield said he would make enquiries. Action Clr Fifield - ongoing
It was mentioned that the 'phone box in Chapel Lane has been taken away. There had not been any correspondence from BT on the matter.
Clr Pardoe said that there are funds available from BT (arising from the revenue from Superfast Broadband) that is to be fed into and invested in more hubs for Broadband.
c) Cemetery
There was no new information on the vandalism at the Cemetery. The Committee has considered installing CCTV.

October 2016 meeting
a) Meeting with Town Farm Quarry Operators.
Traffic movements have increased significantly recently and there are speeding and convoy issues. The next meeting of the Group is scheduled for 27th March. A new Planning Application has been made for the site. Details are not known at present.
b) Speeding issues
The Parish Council representatives had met Mr J Barron and Mr M Jones on 3rd Feb at CW&C office and had raised a number of issues. Clr Forbes suggested that the Parish Council should wait a week or two and then remind Mr Barron of the jobs that he said he would do, particularly speed enforcement and repositioning the 30mph signs. This had been done - Action Clr Holt Completed
The Police have now started speed monitoring, both with hand-held gun and the speed van. Twelve tickets and nine tickets had been issued and this was only in a short length of time on site. CW&C have said that other sites in the Village are to be covered.
Clr Bayley said that Milton Rough should have speed signs installed. It was confirmed that this had been raised with CW&C but the results of the speed monitoring did not justify them.
Clr Holt said that further information has been submitted to support the grant application from the PCC Safer Communities Fund. The PCC is to consider applications at a meeting scheduled for 8th March.
It was noted that the 30mph sign that had been knocked down in Milton Rough has been restored but that the sign on Station Road for the Station has not been attended to. The Clerk will chase CW&C again. Action Clerk
c) Mirror installed at Station Hill / Milton Rough
Copies of emails from residents to Mark Jones have been forwarded to the Chairman. Mr Mark Jones is still trying to get the matter resolved. The Parish Council discussed the matter and agreed that as they are not now involved that letters should be sent to the residents to state that the issue is outside the Parish Council jurisdiction.

4 Planning Applications
a) 49 Hill Top Road (Village Store) - application to convert existing garage into living accommodation.
The Parish Council were concerned that if permission is granted further applications could be made to enlarge the building. Also concerned that the building should be treated as ancillary to 49 Hill Top Road and not be sold as a separate property. A letter to be sent to CW&C raising the above points.
b) Land To The North West Of Hill Top Farm Hill Top Road - Reserved matters
Two applications relating to resolution of reserved matters have been received. The Parish Council decided to comment on;
1) The owners responsibilities as to the permanent upkeep and maintenance of fence, gates and footpath (Proposed Site Layout Plan 1636HT-PL-101 06-dated 02-2017) are to be stipulated.
2) The proposed new entry on to Hill Top Road is to be examined and endorsed by CW&C Highways.
As yet no Consultee Comments are shown against the application. The Parish Council are aware that the view of traffic approaching from the North (Pepper Street side) to the new entry will be particularly difficult.
3) No justification or special circumstances have been submitted to permit construction of the large, two storey, garage. The Parish Council ask that the additional building is refused or is at least, if a garage has to be permitted, that it is restricted to single storey height.

5 Planning Decisions

6 Financial Matters
a) Approval of cheques;
Two cheques were approved;
Clerk's salary for January, February and March at £332.75.
Petty cash expenses 2016 at £50.

7 CWAC Ward Councillors
a) Council Tax has been approved at 3.99% increase.
b) Changes are planned for the opening days for the recycling centres. The days available will be published.

8 Reports from other meetings

9 Correspondence
Two letters had been received from applicants for the vacancy to serve on the Parish Council. The applications will be covered in Item 10 Village Matters.

Brochure MARMAX - recycled products. Cheshire Rural Touring Arts - Spring 2017.

10 Village Matters
a) Parish Council Vacancy
Letters had been received from two applicants wishing to serve on the Parish Council. The Parish Council discussed the letters which gave good backgrounds of the two candidates. A secret ballot was held of the Members present and Mrs Clare Ballantyne-Roberts, Rose Farm, Hill Top Road, was duly elected. Letters are to be sent to both candidates. Action Clerk
The Clerk will arrange for the necessary paperwork to be completed with Mrs Ballantyne-Roberts.

b) Regulations, etc. The Clerk raised the issue of the annual formal adoption of the Financial Regulations, Standing Orders, Code of Conduct, Register of Assets and Risk Management by the Parish Council. The documents are to be circulated before the next meeting for review and adoption. Action Clerk

11 A.O.B.

Date of next meeting
The next meeting will be on Monday 3rd April 2017, starting at 7-30pm.

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