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Editor's note : as part of its Freedom of Information initiative, copies of the Parish Council's minutes will be placed on this web site after council approval at the following meeting, but are for information only. The printed edition is the only authoritative version.


Annual General Meeting
Minutes of meeting held on Tuesday 16th May 2016 at 7.30pm in the Parish Rooms

Present :
    R Holt, Chairman
S Pardoe, Vice-Chairman
H Bayley
R Forbes
D Hall
J Oliver Clr C Fifield

Apologies were received from Clrs C Ballantyne-Roberts & C Fifield, CW&C Clrs C Fifield and H Tonge.

Public - seventeen Village residents were present.

2. Acceptance of the Minutes from the AGM held on 3rd May 2016 was proposed by Clr Pardoe, seconded by Clr Hall and were signed by the Chairman.

3 Matters arising from AGM 2016
There were no actions or matters arising.

4 Chairman's Report 2016/17

The Chairman gave his report of the work over the last year. He commenced by thanking ABCA for the excellent work done by ABCA for the Village and the work load that this takes off the Parish Council. He highlighted the volume of work tackled by the officers, Mrs Jane Evans Chair, Mrs Gill Spanton ABCA Secretary and Room lettings and Peter Hurst - Treasurer.

He also gave special thanks to Bob Heaton for all the maintenance work he does and for 'supervising' contractors working on the Rooms. Mr Heaton was present in the Room and the meeting gave a round of applause to Mr Heaton in appreciation of all his work.

The Chairman also thanked ABCA and the Newsletter editors for publishing the excellent Newsletter.

The Chairman then reported on the many and varied planning applications that the Parish Council have to deal with. Some of the applications are quite complex and come with large supporting documents that seek to bypass or evade the Green Belt guidelines. The work done by the Council in examining these applications is very demanding of the Council members time and efforts. There has been tremendous support from residents and the Chairman said that the Parish Council would continue to represent the wishes of the big majority of residents and resist building in the Green Belt.

Another particular issue this year has been in the working with CW&C and the Police to curb and enforce the speed limit in the Village. Speed camera signs have been erected in Station Road and enforcement has taken place. Efforts are ongoing to raise funds to have an interactive sign installed in Station Road.

The three CW&C Councillors were thanked for the work on behalf of the Village over the last year. Clr Harry Tonge was particularly thanked for his work on Planning matters.

Part of the Parish Council duties involves protection of Public Footpaths and PRoW. The Council liaised with the local Ramblers Group and with CW&C concerning the upkeep and maintenance of the PRoW. Our thanks are due to Clr Steve Pardoe who conducted an extensive survey of all the PRoW in the Village and submitted a report to CW&C of work to be done to keep them open and usable.

Although partly under the work on planning applications, we will be communicating with the new person at CW&C responsible for PRoW on the move to change the PRoW that runs from Hill Top Road to Strawberry Lane. This is being pushed by the applicants as part of the building of a new property alongside the barn conversion at Hill Top Road. A number of legal hoops have to be jumped before the path can be changed.

Also in relation to the PRoW subject, the Parish Council are pleased to support a new initiative in the area for Local history and footpath walks by the Saltscape organisation. Further to the information in the Village Newsletter, a route for one possible "petal walk" had been surveyed and a proposed leaflet is being prepared that gives photographs and information on local points of interest.

The Parish Council has representation on a number of associated bodies that are connected to the Village and the Chairman offered sincere thanks to the members have served and gave their time on these bodies;

We have Parish Council members on the Weaverham, Cuddington and Acton Bridge Joint Cemetery Committee. Most people will be aware that this committee manage the Cemetery Grounds at Gorstage. This local facility is a very valuable asset for our Village and we thank our members, Clrs John Oliver and Hazel Bayley for their work on our behalf.

Clr David Hall continues to serve as a Governor of Weaverham High School and does extremely valuable work particularly in the financial management of the school.

Clrs Pardoe and Hall serve on the Weaverham and Acton Bridge Trust. The Trust is a joint organisation that functions under the Chairmanship of the vicar of Weaverham St Mary's church. The Trust looks after deserving cases and applications for financial support.

The Chairman thanked the Clerk and the Councillors for the work throughout the year. He also thanked Clr Pardoe for all his support and for keeping the Village web site up to date and interesting.

The Chairman asked for questions or comments on his report.

There were no comments. Clr Pardoe offered a vote of thanks to the Chairman for his work during the year.

5 Village Matters. a) Clr Bayley said that the competition known as 'The Best Kept Village' is to be restarted next year.

b) A question was asked about the location of the interactive sign in Station Road. It was confirmed that the site will be in Station Road. The speeding data obtained by CW&C showed that the worst excesses are in Station Road. There is no doubt that there is speeding in other lcations but the level is not such as to support the installation of a sign.

Clr Forbes mentioned that relining and marking out of the roads is to be done as part of the work to be carried out by Highways.

Mrs R Mullett stated that the condition of the kerbs along the pavement after Milton Chapel was extremely bad and was so low that they are almost level with the road. Pedestrians are in serious danger from speeding vehicles. The matter will be reported to CW&C Highways. Action Clerk

c) Mr Goodwin raised a concern about the number of people using Hazel Pear Wood to exercise their dogs and that not all the owners were attending to the requirement to remove the waste left by the dogs. The Woods are a great attraction to children and they should not have to contend with dog waste left behind.

The Chairman said that the Parish Council had asked for the waste bin to be installed at the Woods. On the subject generally, it was said that there are problems in other areas of the Village. Messages have been put in the Village Newsletter but some owners will not take responsibility for their dogs.

Mrs A Crute suggested that the Woodland Trust be asked to provide and fit a sign at the entrance to the Woods. Action Clerk

The Chairman thanked the residents for attending.

The meeting closed at 8-15pm

Minutes of the May 2017 Parish Council Ordinary Meeting are here
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