Welcome to ActonBridge.Org Centenary of the Parish Room, 2nd annual Butterfly and Caterpillar Trail

Update 9. May 2009 :

This page carries more details of events we are holding to celebrate the Centenary of the Parish Room this year. Click to see the exhibition.

On Saturday 9. May 2009 there was another Caterpillar (and Butterfly) Trail and Competition, with maps of the exhibits in the Parish Rooms from 1pm to 4pm, where you could cast your votes for the winners. We hope this will become an annual event, perhaps later in the year to coincide with the pear blossom for which Acton Bridge is famous.

Here are some of this year's entries, starting with the winning display at Holly Hedge, Cliff Road (the others are in no particular order, sorry that we couldn't include them all).

Click to see the exhibition in the Parish Room.

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