Welcome to ActonBridge.Org "Open Gardens", June 2011

Edition of 22. June 2011

On 11. June 2011, Acton Bridge Women's Institute held an "Open Gardens" day in the village - six members' gardens were open for viewing, while strawberry teas were served in the newly-decorated Parish Room.

Here is a brief selection of pictures from the day - the photos and captions are mostly from Rosemary Mullett

Sue Williams in her garden with panoramic view at 50 Cliff Road

The wild flower meadow at 'Arden'

Admiring the foliage at 'Arden'

Looking across the lawn at 'Arden' from the patio

Chris Williams removing the garden rubbish at "Bluebells"

The garden at 'Bluebells'

Another view of the garden at 'Bluebells'

The Box Parterres and White Garden at Box Hedge

The New Garden (planted from 2004) at Box Hedge

Irene Barber and Pat Coates preparing the Strawberry Teas

David and Carmel Peach enjoying their strawberry tea

Kath Johnson and friends enjoying their tea

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